Get ready for a year-long adventure that will inspire your taste buds and change your perspective on what's good in the food world. In the hopes of inspiring food and eating adventures and new avenues of delicious and healthful lifestyle choices, food and mood Doctor, Stephanie Shelburne, spent a year exploring and sharing daily experiences with taste and flavor. You won't want to miss out on what she discovered...


The adventure began on the first day of the new year, little did I know what a journey it would be. Finding a new flavor every day of the year often sent me into uncharted territory, exploring new and old, exotic, and ordinary tastes and flavors. More than just a synopsis of the taste experience, you'll also get to learn about the medicinal, historical, nutritional, and culinary aspects of the flavors we touch on each day. Many of the entries even have recipes to further enhance your innate understanding of taste and flavor.  Grab a copy of 365 and meander through the year on your own taste adventure. You won't regret it. 

Eating well and staying healthy includes so much more than just calorie in and calorie out. Resorting to healthful foods that are dully flavored or uninspiring just compounds the issue. When you satisfy your palate with real flavors and truly slow down and savor what you are eating, your well-being is all the better for it. Food is the foundation for health and happiness; figuratively and literally. Start feeling better by feeding yourself well.

Author's note: One thing that has become crystal clear to me through the years of working with people to address issues concerning food and eating, is that part of the challenge of creating a good relationship with what you eat, comes from not really understanding your palate or being able to truly taste your food.


  • A new simple taste and flavor for every single day of the year ~ some obscure and some familiar, each will tantalize your tastebuds 
  • Each entry includes Medicinal and Culinary uses, a little bit of history and tradition and some interesting facts and functions.
  • Recipes - simple and accessible recipes for flavors you don't want to miss out on. 
  • Traditionals, sustainable, pure, and simple - just everyday flavors for every day. 


Dr. Stephanie Shelburne is a Food/Mood Doctor and an Integrative Health Educator, Writer, and Researcher. She provides scientifically supported and intuitively implemented protocols for Optimal Well-Being. She is passionate about food and eating for health, wellness, and enjoyment. Dr. Stephanie travels, teaches, speaks, and works with clients internationally....always excited to share experiences with pure, simple, and life-enhancing tastes and flavors. 

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