Remember how it feels to read a book that you just can't put down? Wrapped in the power of the pen, each character coming alive and inviting you into the pages of their lives. Laughing with them, crying with them, even holding your breath when the intrigue is all too real. At Talking Stick Books, those are the type of publications we love to produce. Every page so rich with texture that you can't put it down and you can't wait to talk about it...


Talking Stick Books is birthed from the love of reading and writing. Over the past few years, we've noticed a shift in the way books are written, published, and even 'consumed' by the reader. On the one hand, it's never been easier to find something to read and on the other, it seems that it is sometimes very challenging to find something that invites you into the pages, transforming your perspective or envigorating your worldview.

As prolific writers and voracious readers, we've joined the ranks of independent publishing because we feel strongly about preserving the integrity of the written word and the ability to cultivate thought-provoking ideas and conversations. 

We are an independently owned publishing company developed to produce, market, and sell quality books in print and electronically.


Our Mission is "To produce books that are talked about"

We publish title subjects and genres that are eclectic and include narrative non-fiction and non-fiction health, wellness, food and cooking titles. We also specialize in publishing a variety of fiction genres including historical, military, humor and children’s fiction.

Our benchmark is smart writing and excellence. Our aim is to impact our reader's lives with thought-provoking, evocative, and life-enhancing writing which generates ripples throughout our culture.

Why Talking Stick Books?

Traditionally, a talking stick is an item used during ritual or meetings. Passing the talking stick insures that each person gets to speak and listen fully without interruption or distraction. We chose a talking stick as our symbol becaues we felt it represented to importance of writing and reading with full presence and engagement. As an author, you get to hold the talking stick and tell your story fully. As a reader, you get to read with your full attention and engagement. 


  • Reviewed for quality of content and presentation.
  • Commitment to ideas and stories that are evocative and life-enhancing. 
  • Topics and titles that tap the mainstream while inviting unique perspectives. 
  • Engaging the professional and the personal reader. 

What do our readers say?

I know when I pick up something from Talking Stick Books, I can count on a multidimensional experience.

Another happy reader

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