Every day millions of people search the internet for information about diet and health. In fact, the question “how can I lose weight” has held the position of most searched health inquiry for the past five years. Type in that question, click the return key, and you will be overwhelmed by a tsunami of some 903 million diet related options within .42 seconds. If you are one of the billions of people who have gotten lost in the quagmire of confusing and conflicting diet and health information, Your Sacred Metabolism may just be what you're really looking for...

You've probably noticed in your pursuit for health and wellness that some approaches work for a while and some don't, even though each one identifies as THE NEXT BIG THING for optimal health. The truth is easy one size fits all answers often end up creating more chaos than clarity. In fact, by now you've probably discovered that one size does NOT fit all and it most defintely doesn't fit YOU. How could it, when everything about you is unique? But what do you do when millions of resources, including your doctor or trainer, suggest that what works for the general population will work for you? 

Your Sacred Metabolism has been written just for you. It is the antidote to the "One-Size-Fits-All" epidemic that has been sweeping the health and wellness world for some time now.  To be clear, Your Sacred Metabolism is not just one more diet book in a sea of dietary trends, in fact it's not a diet book at all. It is not filled with lists or guidelines to stick on your refrigerator, although when you are finished reading it you will have plenty of points of reference for your own health and well-being. Nor is it a trendy talking point to be shared in the gym or around the watercooler at work.  Your Sacred Metabolism is an empirically supported, multidimensional, yet uniquely individual approach to overall and lasting health and wellness. It is written on the foundational understanding that your metabolic function is as unique as your fingerprint. 

Everything you require to cultivate a deeper understanding of your unique needs for health is available within these pages. The only thing missing is YOU. 

Your Sacred Metabolism is about understanding your unique relationship with food and food’s unique relationship with you. 

About the Author

Dr. Stephanie Shelburne is a Food/Mood Doctor, specializing in: 

  • Biochemically individualized nutritional well-being - cellular oxidation and metabolism of energy influence your unique needs. 
  • Indentification of ancestrally appropriate patterns of food acquisition and consumption - do you know what foods were/are naturally to your ancestral landscape? 
  • Interpretation of individualized genetic patterns -Genetic testing is all the rage, and while it has its benefits, it also most assuredly has its pitfalls and misinterpretations
  • Macrobiotic influence on Nervous System balance - Fat, Protein, Carbohydrate, they all have a varied and unique influence on the function of your nervous system. 
  • Nutrient impact on Mental Health and well-being - Food is mood and vice versa. What foods work best for your physical and mental/emotional self? 

Author's Note:

I wrote Your Sacred Metabolism because I believe wholeheartedly in the contents. I live them every day. I also have helped friends and family and numerous clients live them.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are designed to feel good in our bodies, to have strong and balanced moods/minds, and to feel a connection with the cycles of life.

Alternately, I also know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are not designed to count calories endlessly, spend long arduous hours in a gym, or struggle with weight, mood, and general overall health in the way that most of us currently do. 

How do I know this? First and foremost, I know it because I have made it my educational and professional mission to compile, investigate, and conduct comprehensive research on the topic of optimal human health and wellness. Secondly, I know it because of personal experience. I have discovered that how you eat, what you eat, when you eat it, even what you think about what you eat are all critical factors in health and balance.

Wow. No new information there, right? Anyone who is at all interested in health will have heard that simple message about food and eating somewhere before. And yet, as common and simple as it may seem, diet remains one of the most confusing concepts on the planet. So what’s the secret? What makes Your Sacred Metabolism more informative, interesting, and potentially more useful? Dive in and find out...you won't regret it. In fact, it may be the best thing you've done for yourself in a while. 


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