I have been spending the last several years extensively studying the historical Roman writings about the Celtic women. Not only reading the writings but also traveling around the landscape in the UK and feeling into the history. It is an amazing and epic personal journey. I am always struck by how completely their history has been obliterated by first the Roman's and then the church... Unearthing their stories, especially the stories of the women, feels important and critical to the times.



Perhaps one of the best known, and maybe even best beloved, women of Celtic history is Boudica (Buddug in Welsh). She has been described as a formidable Queen of the Iceni tribes. So formidable that she was able to gather the Celtic tribes and lead them to battle against the Romans. Were it not for a betrayal, today's Britain could be very, very different. In Colchester, we walk the very roads that she reduced to rubble... I can feel the fierce feminine rumbling beneath my feet. 

The landscape of Wales is otherworldly, evocative and mysterious. At times it feels like I am standing on the edge of the world, certain that the bones of dragons lie beneath my feet. 

Who was Boudica? Who were the Banduri? And what of Cartamandua? Maybe we can never really know, but as I travel the land and listen deeply, there are secrets to be heard.  

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Dr. Stephanie Shelburne is a Food/Mood Doctor and an Integrative Health Educator, Writer, and Researcher. She provides scientifically supported and intuitively implemented protocols for Optimal Well-Being. She is passionate about food and eating for health, wellness, and enjoyment. Dr. Stephanie travels, teaches, speaks, and works with clients internationally....always excited to share experiences with pure, simple, and life-enhancing tastes and flavors.